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Date      : Local venue & Live   Sat., December 10, 2022  
         Video on demand    Sat., December 24, 2022 - Tue., January 24, 2023
Venue    :  Kitasato Univercity Sagamihara campus, WEB venue
​President: Takushi Kawamorita, CO, PhD (Kitasato University)




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2022. 09. 30. Program updated (click here). Please join us to improve the skills of orhthoptists and ophthalmology staff!
2022. 09. 30. Deadline for submission of abstracts has been extended (click here).
2022. 07. 01. Early Advance Registration has started (Deadline: October 31, 2022).
2022. 07. 01. Abstract submission is now open (Deadline: September 30, 2022)
2022. 06. 22. "Accelerate Your Work" Questionnaire now open (results will be available on the day of the conference)
2022. 06. 08. Program has been updated.
2022. 01. 01. 64th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Ophthalmology of Industry, Labor and Transportation WEB site is now open!




​Creating collective knowledge of
Work Acceleration

In recent years, people have been advocating for reforms in the way they work to prevent overworking and to achieve a better work-life balance. However, many people still profess that they cannot reduce their workload. I imagine that there are many workplaces that operate with a small number of employees. In a questionnaire-based study conducted at a lecture for medical staff, many respondents said that the time for the medical staff to perform the eye examination was too short and psychologically demanding because of the small number of staff attending a large number of patients. Moreover, even under such challenging conditions, high accuracy, careful communication with patients, consensus building, and substantial paperwork are required, which can easily exhaust the body and mind, making it difficult to enjoy work, improve, and explore one's own way of working.

Therefore, the purpose of the 64th conference is to create a collective knowledge of “Work Acceleration,” and the theme is “Work Accelerators.

“Acceleration of work” leads to “safety,” “productivity,” “development,” and “smooth communication.” I hope that this conference will serve as a catalyst for further awareness of “work acceleration.”


If you wish to submit an announcement for a conference or workshop, please send us the name of the conference or workshop and electronic data such as a web banner or poster. Acceptance or rejection will be at the discretion of the Society.

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