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  • Conference name

    The 64th Annual Meeting of Ergophthalmological Society of Japan ~Work Accelerator~  (WEB held)

  • Session

Local venue & Live: Saturday, December 10, 2022

video on demand: Saturday, December 24, 2022  -  Tuesday, January 24,2023


  • President

Takushi Kawamorita (Department of Orthoptics and Visual Science, Kitasato University)


  • Sponsor

Kanagawa Ophthalmologists Association, Japan Society of Orthoptists


  • Program (planned)

Special Lecture, Invited Lecture, Symposium, Educational Seminar, Academic Paper Award / Encouragement Award Commemorative Lecture, General Lecture, Co-sponsored Seminar, Instrument Exhibition, Book Exhibition, Special Exhibition Planning


  • Meeting place

Kitasato univercity, Sagamihara campus

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