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Information on general abstract registration

General abstract registration application period

April 1, 2020 (Wednesday) - July 8, 2020 (Wednesday) 7:00p.m.

            Has been extended to

Presentation format

It can be a computer-based Powerpoint presentation or a video presentation. With the change to the WEB holding format, the method of presenting the presentation is as follows.

WEB announcement : Create and register a PowerPoint file or video that was scheduled to be used on the day, and the announcement will be completed by registering this file. The deadline for registering this file is scheduled for mid-August. Details will be contacted later.


Application method

We will only accept online reception via the Internet.
Please proceed from the link button "Click here for registration screen" at the top of this page.

Number of characters, other restrictions, etc.

Title: Up to 40 double-byte characters

Short title:  Up to 15 double-byte characters

Abstract text: Up to 600 double-byte characters
Maximum number of performers that can be registered: Up to 10 (including the first performer)

Maximum number of facilities that can be registered: Up to 10 facilities

Qualifications (general abstracts only)

The lead speaker is limited to members of the Japanese Society of Ophthalmology. If you have not joined, please complete the membership procedure.
You can download the membership application form from the academic society website.

Inquiries about joining the society

Staff Room Takemura Co., Ltd.

Person in charge: Takemura, Takezawa 2-4-7 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0075 
TEL: 03-5287-3801 FAX: 03-5287-3802

Abstract registration flow

  1. Registration number and password When you first register your abstract, you will be asked to set an arbitrary password (6 to 8 single-byte alphanumers).
    Without this password and the registration number automatically issued at the time of registration, the abstract cannot be confirmed / corrected / deleted.
    Please do not forget this registration number and password.
    The recording and confidentiality of the password and registration number depends on the registrant himself / herself.
    Please note that we cannot answer inquiries regarding passwords due to security concerns.

  2. please note

    • About the browser used
      We have confirmed the operation with Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.
      * We recommend the latest version. Please do not use any other browser. Please refer to the UMIN FAQ for details.

    • Access will be concentrated on the day of the deadline, which may interfere with registration, so please register with plenty of time.

    • Before pressing the register button, please make sure that the contents are correct.

Confirmation / correction / deletion of abstract

Until the abstract registration deadline, you can check, modify, or delete from the abstract registration screen on the homepage.

  1. Click the "Click here for confirmation / correction" button on the abstract registration screen on the homepage.

  2. Please enter the registration number (issued at the time of initial registration) and password (entered by yourself).

  3. Make corrections on the screen and finally click the refresh button. This completes the correction.
    * Be sure to make corrections using the above method. Duplicate registration is not possible.

  4. You can delete it in the same way, but once you delete it, it will not be restored, so please be careful not to press the "Correct / Delete" button incorrectly.


Notification of receipt of abstract

  1. Confirmation of receipt of abstract A receipt notification will be sent to the E-mail address entered when registering the abstract. Alternatively, please confirm by entering the registration number and password on the "Confirmation / Correction" screen of the abstract registration on the homepage. Please note that we will not inform you again by mail.

  2. If you do not receive the receipt notification If the registration number is not displayed on the screen when registration is completed, or if you do not receive the receipt email within 1 day after registration is completed, registration may not be completed. increase. If you do not receive the receipt notification email, please be sure to confirm whether or not you have registered by email to the registration counter by the abstract application deadline.

Notification of acceptance / rejection / announcement date / time

Notification of acceptance / rejection of the abstract and the date and time of the announcement will be posted on the website after contacting us by e-mail during July 2020.
It is up to the chairman of the general meeting to decide whether or not to accept the abstract.

Abstract manuscript preparation procedure

(1) Select "General presentation" as the lecture format. All others are designated presentations.

(2) Select the registered abstract category "1st category" and "2nd category".

[First category]

  • Refraction / aberration / corneal shape

  • Pupil / accommodation / eye movement

  • Awareness test / psychophysics

  • Eyeglasses / contact lenses

  • Cataract / light scattering

  • Intraocular lens

  • Imaging / image diagnosis (anterior eye)

  • Imaging / image diagnosis (rear eye)

  • New device / basic research

  • others


[Second category]

  • Medical system

  • Science and engineering


(3) For writing abstracts, please follow the writing guidelines of the Japanese Ophthalmological Society of Japan below.

  1.   Other domestic ophthalmology societies, that is, academic societies excluding the B-4 project (regional unit meeting, study group, case study group, etc.) stipulated in the Lifelong Education Standards for Renewal of Ophthalmologist Qualification (Appendix 2) You cannot apply for items that have been announced or planned for.

  2.   As the leader of general presentations, each presentation will be one presentation.

  3.   The title of the presentation can be up to 40 full-width characters (80 half-width characters). Short titles can be up to 15 full-width characters (30 half-width characters), affiliations for short titles can be up to 8 full-width characters (16 half-width characters), and the text can be up to 600 full-width characters (1200 half-width characters).

  4. Add furigana to all co-stars.

  5.   Please refer to the abbreviation table for the abbreviations of the performers. For medical treatments and research institutes not listed in the abbreviation table, please simplify according to the abbreviations in the table.

  6. Please list the abstracts in the order of purpose, method or target, result, and conclusion.
    Please change the item names as appropriate for case reports, improvement of ideas for procedures and instruments (for example, introduction, cases, considerations, conclusions if necessary for case reports).

  7. Please describe the method, result, etc. concretely. What can be shown numerically should be quantified, and if statistical analysis is possible, do so.
    Please describe in detail about the creation or improvement of the equipment and procedure.

  8. Please make conclusions and thoughts in line with the stated results.

  9. Use a generic name for the drug name. If you need the product name, please write it together with (... ®) after the generic name.
    [Example: Timolol maleate (Timoptol®)]

  10. Lectures, abstracts, and presentation data can be created in English.


-Additional note-

  1. If double submission (presentation) is found after the abstract registration deadline, the presentation of the author (performer) and author (co-star) of the abstract may be suspended.

  2. Use the "is" style for the style.
  3. Avoid meaningless rhetoric such as prefixes (eg corpses) or suffixes (eg sama or teacher) that are inappropriate for academic papers.

  4. Those for which no data is shown, such as "I plan to consider" or "I will describe ...", will be rejected.

  5. Do not draw conclusions from content not included in the results.


(4) For general presentations, it is not necessary to register a biography and a face photo.


About the handling of personal information

The university medical information network (UMIN) is used for the abstract registration system for this year's meeting. The "name", "contact information", and "E-mail address" collected during the abstract registration will be used for inquiries and announcement notifications from the administration office. In addition, "name", "affiliation", "title", and "abstract" will be used for the purpose of posting on the homepage and lecture abstracts. It will not be used for any other purpose. The management office will take responsibility for managing all registered information so that it will not be leaked to the outside.

Inquiries regarding abstract registration

56th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Ophthalmology Management Secretariat JTB Communication Design Meeting & Convention Division 2-1-25 Kyutaromachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0056 JTB Building 7th floor
TEL: 06-4964-8869 (Weekdays 10: 00-17: 30) FAX: 06-4964-8804


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