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Presentation slide creation guidelines

About submission of presentation slides accompanying the web holding

1. The upload period for the presentation slides is scheduled to be from August 5th (Wednesday) to August 18th (Tuesday) at 23:59. We will contact you as soon as we are ready to register.

2. Uploading data to the website is at the discretion of the performer, and the content of the upload, including the handling of unpublished data, is left to the discretion of the performer.

In order to prevent illegal download, the management office will convert the uploaded presentation slides (PowerPoint data) into images. In addition, the viewing system does not allow download of presentation slides.

3. This Web holding system will be equipped with a function to accept questions from participants.

About the establishment of the presentation (general presentation)

At this academic meeting, the presentation will be completed by uploading the presentation slide PowerPoint data (recommended with audio). When you are ready, we will send you an ID / password for data registration by e-mail, so please check it.

Presentation slide preparation guidelines

Please refer to the following preparation guidelines and create a presentation slide.

-Supported applications: PowerPoint
(In order to prevent illegal download, the PowerPoint data uploaded will be converted into an image by the management office.)

-Supported version:

Windows: 2010/2013/2016/2019
Macintosh: 2016/2019
(Recommended Windows 2019)

* The layout of PowerPoint for Macintosh may be corrupted. We recommend that you check the layout in PowerPoint for Windows, save it again, and then register.

-Slide size can be either standard (4: 3) or wide screen (16: 9).

-Please use the OS standard font.
[Japanese] MS Gothic, MSP Gothic, MS Mincho, MSP Mincho, Meiryo, Yu Gothic, Yu Mincho [English] Times New Roman, Arial, Arial Black, Arial Narrow, Century, Century Gothic,
Courier, Courier New, Georgia
* Please note that the Osaka font on Mac may be misaligned or garbled.

-You can insert video and audio files into PowerPoint data.

Video format: mp4 (recommended) / wmv / mov / avi / mpg / mpeg

-PowerPoint data input from the slide show recording function and rehearsal narration function can also be registered.


-There is no limit to the number of PowerPoint slides.

Registerable capacity: 500 MB or less (total of PowerPoint files and videos)

* Large poster size cannot be uploaded. Create the same presentation slides as for the oral presentation.

* Screen switching animation, in-page animation, presenter tool / note cannot be used.

* If you do not want to use the slide set to "Hidden slide", delete it.

* Do not save the PowerPoint file with a password.

* When inputting audio in the presentation slide, please observe the specified presentation time in principle. (General presentation: Within 8 minutes, we will inform the designated presentation separately.)

About conflict of interest

For all presentations, including sponsored seminars, please announce the conflict of interest at the end of the second slide or poster at the time of the lecture. If all the performers do not meet the conflict of interest publication criteria, please state "Not applicable to the conflict of interest publication criteria". If applicable, please specify the category and company name after each performer name [however, the company name does not need to be stated in category P (if patented or pending)].

Description example: Kotaro Oko: [F] ○○ Pharmaceutical, [I] ▲▲ Industrial Hanako Oko: [P]

The "Standards for Conflicts of Interest of the Japanese Ophthalmological Society" was revised on October 21, 2015, and the conflicts of interest for the past three years will be subject to publication regardless of whether or not the content of the announcement is relevant. rice field.
For details on conflicts of interest, please refer to the page "Standards for Conflicts of Interest of the Japanese Ophthalmological Society ( )" on the page of the Institutional Review Board on the website of the Japanese Ophthalmological Society. give me.

Inquiries regarding abstract registration

56th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Ophthalmology Management Secretariat JTB Communication Design Meeting & Convention Division
TEL: 06-4964-8869 <Reception hours: Weekdays 10: 00-17: 30 (Closed: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)>
FAX: 06-4964-8804

* Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the management office is conducting telework.
For the time being, please contact us by e-mail in principle.

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