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Special exhibition H ISTORY  & M AKING  G ALLERY

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©Copyright by Takushi Kawamorita

​About this CG

Rendering technology is a technology that uses computer programs to generate images, videos, and sounds. Modern 3D computer graphics (CG) applies physics-based rendering technology. It is calculated from the reflection of light on the surface of an object, the scattering in a medium, the calculation of direct light and indirect light, to the propagation of light incident on a camera. It is widely applied to the construction industry, design industry, entertainment industry such as games and movies, and can be regarded as socially implemented optics.

In medical applications, CG is used as explanatory materials for patients and educational tools for medical staff, and is used for Dysphotopsia and estimation of appearance by illumination optical system simulation, etc. increase.

Please take a closer look at the light and shadow of this CG.

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